Grinding Almonds, Other Nuts, and Flaxseeds

Ground almonds (and other nuts) are often used in desserts. Ground flaxseeds are the basic binder for crackers, breads, doughnuts, and cakes.

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  • 1. Grind in a coffee grinder or blender.
  • 2. If you are using blender, start on the highest speed and blend no more than 1-2 cups to avoid clogging on the bottom; otherwise it becomes a paste rather than powder.
  • 3. Once it is ground, flaxseeds easily turn rancid, so it is best to buy the whole seeds and grind them each time. In case there are leftovers, store flaxseeds in the freezer to avoid oxidation. Ground almonds are fine to store in the fridge.

FYI: 4/5 cup almond yields 1 cup ground almonds 3/4 cup flaxseeds yields 1 cup ground flaxseeds   FYI: If you are grinding softer nuts and seeds such as cashew nuts, do not overblend, as they’ll easily turn into a paste.