Coconut Yoghurt


Coconut is highly nutritious, rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. For those who cannot give up yoghurt among all the dairy food, it is guaranteed for your satisfaction. Where coconut is unavailable, cashew nuts make is think and slightly sweet delicious yoghurt.




  • 1. Blend all ingredients until smooth. Add a little water to blend if necessary. If the coconut meat is too soft, add some soaked cashew nuts to adjust the consistency.
  • 2. Transfer the mixture to a glass jar and cover the top with a towel. (Leave at least 1/3 of the jar free, as the mixture will rise up with fermentation) Keep in a warm place overnight.
  • 3. The next day, transfer the mixture into a bowl and mix with a whisk until smooth. Serve with sweetener of your choice or fruits if you like (optional).

FYI: If coconut is not available, use cashew nuts. Blend with 1 cup or a little more water.